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Sizing Chart

Please note that this Sizing Chart is a guide only.

Exact insole measurements and width information can be located on individual product pages.
As shoe sizing varies between brands and even within brands it is important that you have your child's exact foot measurement for reference.


If you have any queries at all in regards to choosing the correct size for your little one please just email us at info@mybabyshoes.com.au


How to measure your child's feet.

1. Have your child stand on a piece of paper.

2. Mark the longest parts of the foot from the point of the big toe to the back of the heel. (Make sure you measure both feet as one foot is usually slightly bigger than the other and ensure that their toes aren't scrunched up).

3. Measure the distance in between these points to get your child's actual foot measurement in cms.


For children under 2.5 years we recommend that you choose a shoe with an insole measurement  around 1cm larger than your child's actual foot measurement.

For children over 2.5 years we recommend that you choose a shoe with an insole measurement that is around 1.5 larger than your child's actual foot measurement.  


Childrens feet grow quickly so make sure you check their shoes every 2 months during their first year and every 3 months from 1 to 3 years.

Sizing Guide

AUST Sizing

EUR Sizing

Shoe Insole Length


Child's Foot Length


Approx Age

  3-6mths   16   11 cms   10cms   6mths
  6-12mths   17   11.5cms   10.5cms   9mths
 2   18   12cms   11.0cms   12mths
  19   12.5 cms
  11.5cms   12-15mths
  20   13.5 cms   12.5cms   15-18mths
  21   14 cms   13cms   18-24mths
  22   15 cms   13.5 to 14cms   2 years
  23   15.5 cms   14-14.5cms   2- 2 1/2yrs
  24   16 cms   14.5-15cms   2 1/2- 3yrs
  25   16.5 cms
  15-15.5 cms   3- 3 1/2yrs
  26   17 cms   15.5 -16 cms   3 1/2- 4yrs
  10   27   17.5cms   16-16.5 cms   4 1/2- 5yrs
  10.5   28   18 cms   16.5cms   5- 5 1/2yrs
  11   29   18.5cms   17 cms   5 1/2- 6 yrs
  12   30   19.5cms   18cms   6 1/2 -7yrs
  13   31   20.5cms   19cms   7-7 1/2yrs  


Please see sizing guides on individual shoe pages for exact insole measurements.

If you have any questions regarding your child's shoe sizing please email us, we'd love to help.